Sunday, January 27, 2013


Ad: thecoloris

Hey all, i am back!!
 thecolorIS CNY + Valentine collection is up and there they have their gorgeous pieces.
Awesome pieces up for grabs!

 Super love their new collection!!! Wouldn't want to miss out any of their collection.

Below were the two pretty pieces that i took from them. >,<


Do check out their website. 
Moreover its CNY + Valentine coming up!!

Time to doll up!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hey lovelies,

CNY - Chinese New Year 2013 is around the corner.
It's time for shopping!!
This time I am back here to introduce an awesome blogshop!!
Do check them out.
Pix of me will be up in awhile.

Just back in town

Thursday, November 15, 2012

D'Nail Palette

D'Nail Palette

Numerous certificate by the owner Phylis. (:

A cozy place for me to relax while doing my nails after a long day at work.
Watching the TV and chit-chatting with Phyllis while she is focusing on my nails. (:

Getting serious on making some ribbons from scratch.
It's so pretty!! I can never imagine myself (no artistic) making something out from a powder.
aww, i love how professional she is and always answering to my doubts on my nails.

Choosing my fav glitter....

Pretty ribbon especially made for my friend, May.

Applying Gel inlay on my nails to protect my nail bed. Super thoughtful of Phyllis. (':

Look at my latest nails done by Phyllis!!
Am forever a mickey lover and i choose this nails for my Company's d&d.

For more information do hop on to d'nail palette
or contact Phyllis to book an appointment with her 81331321

 I stayed at the far west of Singapore thus having to go for my nails appointment at Phyllis's house was really convenience. 

always love how thoughtful and focus she was when doing my nails. 

Many love.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Emily Chia


In a blink of an eye, october is coming to an end.
Soon, we will realise that 2012 is coming to an end.
Till date, life has been good and i am already hitting my target that i have set for myself this year.

hehehe. -beaming away-

Been meeting up with the girls lately till late and haven't really have enough of rest.
Friends played a very important part in my life :')

Emily Chia 02  (20120205)

Have been keeping myself motivated no matter what happens.
y'know, life's too short to be sad.

Emily Chia 04  (20120205)

I can do this, really.
No matter what comes i way, i know i will be able to handle.

Nothing is impossible!!
Up next, i will be blogging on my nails advert.

Do pop by if you girls wanna do your nails.


p/s: a short entry